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Public Relations & Corporate Affairs

According to the World Economic Forum, on average more than 25 percent of a company’s market value is directly attributable to its reputation. Reputation management has become a priority for any company in the world. Companies and their leaders are naturally focused on the internal world – strategy, operational issues, finance, people etc. This has to be balanced by someone who takes a more holistic view of the company, its relationships and environment, the way it is perceived by others and its longer- term issues.

- Represents and presents the view, perceptions and expectations of external and internal stakeholders and synthesizes these into a meaningful analysis that helps business leaders make better decisions;

- Thinks across and helps the company navigate the best path that will satisfy all of its multiple, interconnected stakeholders;

- Internal communication: set up strategies, meetings, handle corporate affairs, and handle all other behind the scenes issues;

- Remain in Control of the Message;

- Empower and Support Top Management and Board of Directors Statements and Strategy;

- Keep the company Promise and Satisfies Customers.

External communication – Government, Authorities, Mass Media

Political environment has changed dramatically over recent years, which has brought the connected issue of trust and expectations of business (and other institutions) to the fore. Trust in business (and again, other institutions) has declined substantially and business increasingly sees this as a core existential threat. They realize that stakeholders want to see, and expect to see, ongoing evidence (i.e. not a one-off initiative) that a company is sensitive to the societal issues in its sector and in its communities (and helping to solve or address them) and that it is making a positive and responsible contribution to society, the environment and the economy.

Influence of social media – key driver. It has changed immediacy, visibility, scrutiny and given everyone a voice and, with it, a point of view. It is very easy to get an insight into a company’s culture from the outside. This view is picked up (and factored into perceptions) by customers, the media, investors, politicians, bankers, regulators and other influencers.

- Helping in all aspects the clients in their approaches to the Romania Government, Regulatory Institutions and other specific Authorities;

- Create connections and sustain our client’s business vision in Romania economic environment;

- Initiate working task force in elaborating new legislative proposals;

- Get expertise and second opinion for different topics;

- Due diligence/vectoring/profiling.

Always going forward

We proved again our pioneering spirit on this market !

The Shaper has developed a new and innovative activity, based on the neurobehavioral study of people.

Cognitive Neurosciences and Strategic Management: Challenges and Opportunities within an organization

Heartbeat and Economic Decisions: Observing strengths and weakness of human behavior which will influence reaction, decision and attitude.

Calibration and development of behavioral integration of management team members

Identifying the main managerial roles assumed in the current activity and in crisis situations

Identifying the decisional profile in relation to a set of functional elements / criteria specific to managerial activity (reporting to objectives, reporting to accessible resources, reporting to external / risk environment, reporting to decision style, reporting to negotiation style, adaptability versus innovation).